DIY ‘feedback insulation doohickies’ for the Technic 1200s

Feedback insulation doohickies

8 Feedback insulation doohickies

In this post we will talk about my homemade feedback insulation doohickies. When you place speakers on a table with turntables, usually you will get a nice hum in the speakers.  Sometimes you just need to get your monitor speakers close enough to the turntable to get the hum going. So with these neat little doohickies, we have pretty much stopped the hum. It’s not enough to stop them from skipping when the drunk jerks bump the table, but it will at least get rid of the hum.
Things you will need:

  1. 4 cat food cans or 4 cans of dolphin safe tuna, per turntable.
  2. A bunch of rubber bands. Assorted sizes.

First thing is first, make sure you empty the cans of food and wash them with soap and water. Be careful because the inside edges are sharp! You can remove the paper labels if you want, I liked them so I kept them. At this point you should have clean empty cans.

The empty cat can

The clean empty cat can with label.

I then started by adding a thick rubber band across the diameter of the can. I then took a thinner rubber band and double crossed it over the diameter of the cat can.

Cat can with rubber bands.

Cat cans with 2 rubber bands. 1 thick and 1 thin.

Continue doing this over and over.. big band first, small rubber band next, and repete. You should have something like the image below… I used 4 thick and 4 thin rubber bands at this point.

Almost finished cat can

Almost finished cat can with rubber bands

I then finished it all off by adding more of thin rubber bands in between the available spaces. So about 4 more thin rubber bands to finalize the whole thing. Once your done it should look like the image below.

The finished cat can aka feedback insulation doohickies

The finished cat can aka 'feedback insulation doohickies'

Once complete you should have at least 4 feedback insulation doohickies per turntable. Just put each can under each foot of the turntable. You may need to recalibrate the turntable’s needles. The needles at this point may need a little extra weight and a little more anti skate. Be sure to read the manufactures suggestions and guidelines for the specific needles you are using, you don’t want to start ruining records.

The finished product

The finished product

I’ll make a tutorial video on how to calibrate the Technic 1200 turntable soon!
That’s it for now I hope this helps! Always stay underground!!!




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