The clowns in our EDM scene.

I remember in the 90s when hip hop was damn good. When it was about the good life, being fun and energetic like, De La Soul or Tribe Called Quest, or when it was about real life in the streets like NaS, Smif-N-Wessun, Pete Rock… and in like all music you had the clowns, people like Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer etc… But in the golden age of hip hop you would notice that you can name more of the ‘real’ artists then you could clowns.

Fast forward to today, the ‘real’ artists talking about real things don’t have much of a voice anymore. On the radio, on TV you hear and see these amazing performances. Songs written by other people. A dance choreographer to make sure all the moves are correct.  A visual stylist to make sure the right image is being portrayed. I don’t watch much TV or listen to the radio at all, but i can name more clowns in todays music scene then I can the real players.

MC Hammer

MC Hammer in his clown suit. Hip Hop at its finest?

What has happened in the music industry? Business happened. The goal is to make money. Most people start off real and then become this bubble gum pop artist to start to appeal to a bigger demographic. Ever wonder why everyone always says ‘yeah I like so and so but his/her stuff isn’t as good as when they first came out’. There is a reason for that. Money and the labels that basically own the artists now control the artist, the music and the image.


DJ Blend

DJ Bl3nd…  This douche bag’s mask was stolen and he stopped the music until he got it back.

I’m now seeing this happen more in the EDM scene. “DJs” need to start wearing masks or taking off clothes in order to set themselves apart from other acts. Where the goal is to stand out more then it is to make people dance. Where people stand there and watch your ‘performance‘. I see this happening at a lot of festivals and shows. The dance scene has basically become a rock concert.

Clown /klown/

  • Noun: A comic entertainer, esp. one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup.
  • Verb: Behave in a comical way; act playfully: “Harvey clowned around pretending to be a dog”

Basically these acts who call themselves DJs get in front of everyone, wearing dumb makeup or a mask and act in a comical way, I laugh. Like for example when a DJ runs around on stage and then throws a big cake at someone, or when a DJ wears a mask and acts like a moron. In the following video we see Steve Aoki ‘clowning‘ around. You will notice all the people “Dancing” at this EDM event.

But Aoki insists his act is really all about the music. “The most important thing, besides all the stunts that I do, it’s always the music,” he said. “The music is the number one thing.”

So get back behind the decks and play some damn music then.

I bring this up because during the 90s, the DJ was more of a GOD. You never saw him, yet everywhere you went he touched you with his music, the better the DJ the more you dance. Places like the original Sound Factory and the newer one were open for 12 hours straight with 1 DJ controlling the vibe of the main floor. Never once could you walk up to him or even see where his lit up booth was. All clubs were setup in this way, the focus was on the people. The music was about the people, the dance floor about the people, the light show about the people. Some places did have a stage for performances. Normally the performances were drag queens (guys in make up and masks) on stage, and then the focus was on them for a short time while the DJ controls the action.

I was lucky enough to play at the Palladium in NYC. The place was simply amazing, and the DJ booth was not the focus. The DJ was the god for the evening and places like this were my church. When watching the video you will notice that the DJ booth was very lit up. The DJ was not seen but heard. He didn’t wear anything fancy and he wasn’t trying to be the visual center of attention, nor could he if he tried. Since the booth was hidden or ‘away from drunk requests’ is what I always called it.

DJs stood out because of their specific styles of music. How they played the music is what made them who they were, no gimmicks, now crowd tricks, no masks… no clowning around. Derrick Carter has always been Derrick Carter. DJ Sneak is DJ Sneak… no mask. No funny gimmicks. It won’t make their music any better only distract me from dancing. Before the internet when all I had were mix tapes, I could hear a DJ and know who it was, yet have no idea if the DJ was male or female, or if they were even human. nor did I care,  all that mattered was the music.

Clown DJ

Ask yourself… are the people watching you ‘perform’ as a DJ instead of dancing?

We are not rockstars. We don’t learn silly dance moves. We do not wear silly masks or makeup. We are not a live performance. We feed off the crowds. We make them move. Set yourself apart by playing good music. If your a DJ doing all kinds of stupid gimmicks or wearing silly masks and you find that people are watching you instead of  dancing, especially when your playing at an EDM (Electronic DANCE Music) event… Then you may be doing it wrong. 

I’m not the only one who thinks somewhat like this, DJ Sneak called out the Swedish House Mafia for being a bunch of actors. Dennis Ferrer agreed with him. I also agreed with him. Leave a comment below if you have something to say, keep it clean, don’t be childish. Please like and share this if you agree with what I said… thanks!

P.S. I’m not hating on anyone, it’s an opinion. If it quacks like a duck and if it looks like a duck…

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And for the record, one final time… I am not mad, some people got mad at me.. like I said.. I’m calling it like I see it… they are funny. clown like even. Just dont get mad if you act and look like a clown when my friends and I are laughing at your show instead of dancing to it. You make your bed, you sleep in it.



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  1. Honestly, I’m a sucker for a good gimmick, but the music has to be good too. Deadmaus, Daft Punk, and Prodigy have long been musical acts as well as DJs and they have a history of fantastic music on top of their antics. These days, most DJs are becoming producers and playing their own songs at shows instead of just creatively arranging the songs of others. So self promotions is in their best interest because they’re likely selling music. I see nothing wrong with having a presence, personality and even flashy outfit if you’re DJing a big gig. It’s better than being an aloof specter secretly mixing in the shadows, if people have paid to see you.

    To me, this article seems to put down the outgoing characters of EDM for their antics while ignoring that they may also be bringing excellent music to the scene. It’s never been JUST about the music. Sure the music is most important, but without the lights, it wouldn’t be as good a party. Without the drinks or other chemicals, people wouldn’t be as into it. Without the atmosphere, the experience will be lacking. So the funny mask or light-up costume may not be traditional, but neither is putting people down for being non-traditional. The scene was spawned from experimentation and creativity. We should all be encouraging that, not brow-beating DJs into fitting whatever box we think they should occupy.

    There’s going to be purists in every scene, but they tend to be the most closed-minded of the bunch.

    • Some of the guys you mentioned are legit LIVE ACTs not DJs.. Daft Punk are DJs who do a live act by putting on the helmets programming lights and playing their own music. One of my favorites was Dubtribe Sound System, no gimmick just straight music, another favorite rabbit in the moon, lots of gimmicks and fun show.. but a Live PA.. not DJs.

      • You bring up a great example. Rabbit in the Moon has been playing raves for almost 20 years. They put on a beautiful spectacle, but the crowds back then didn’t all stop and face the stage. We were dancing. If today’s audience is more mainstream and used to the concert feel, then they are to blame for being distracted and demanding performances, not the DJs who are providing something more than the basics.

        • Im less into dancing and more into shows and acts and performances… I would rather see BUNNY (RITM) at EDC with live acts and a huge stage then just dance to their set… it keeps it fun and exciting.

          Why only appeal to the hearing senses when you can appeal to more…

    • Though I mostly agree with your second paragraph… There is no way, NO WAY! you could put Deadmau5 into the same grouping as Daft Punk or Prodigy. The whole “have long been” doesn’t apply to Deadmau5 when put in the same group as Daft Punk and Prodigy. At all.

      • Yeah your right, Deadmau5 is not a DJ… then again hes not much of a performer either.. He pre programs all of his music, his light show… whats so LIVE about this guy? Prodigiy used to be a cool show.. then they went mainstream and started singing or whatever you call that. wearing even stupider outfits.. they have made it! but its not the same music. Same goes for deadmau5 his shit sounds so popular and commercial now.. im waiting for his stuff to pop up on commercials like SHM.

  2. this article is dated. no one wants to go to aan event where the dj has no presence anymore, thats boring. people love that gimmmicky shit… why you think it continues to be more popular? the music now is way different than back then too… you cant have these twelve hour marathon sets anymore because the music is set up to drop and have a shorter overall song length… unless youre playing like..deep house where the song structure is loose and it can be mixed all together and played for a long time… bwcause theres little melody to clash together… i dont think steve angello is a good dj (you can google) but I also think sneak is boring in the music he plays. now people like mord fustang, pporter robinson, and especially M Machine, with their live midi controller sets, are the future.

    • Personally I think it all comes down to taste. I’ve seen my fair share of live acts, including DJ’s and producers over the last couple of years, and personally I haven’t walked away from any big stage show with a song still bumping around in my head. But when I’ve seen little known DJ’s or producer’s playing a set straight up, no gimmicks, dropping tracks as soon as they’re scratched in, I’ve had the best times of my life raving like a fruit-loop. In saying that though, I do listen to a lot of UK based Techno, Deep House and Bass tunes, where it’s always been more about the vibes than the shiny lights. So whether or not a sound is marketable to a larger audience plays a big part of their presence at a show in my opinion. You kind of expect someone that 90% of people can recognize on the EDM scene to put on a crazy ass live show, even if it does make them look like a spastic.

  3. The guy is a fucking idiot, just because someone wears a mask or lots of make up doesnt mean they are shit….

    Funtcase – Very very talented dj and puts on a great performance and has done for years…a dj who has the same skills but just stands there doing nothing will not have half as many people dancing.
    Same goes for others and other genres…
    Tony modestep, slipknot,, rammstein, alice cooper…..they must all be shit aswell…???

  4. meh, i wear a mask sometimes but it’s not to keep the focus on me. i don’t dance around as much as people like Bl3nd, i just feel i do better getting over my stagefright with a tiny plastic barrier. I would LOVE to Dj at a club where the …booth is set high above everyone with just a bit of a window to kind of see in. Unfortunately for people like me, its all about “lets go see this dj” or “lets go to that concert.” ‘Tis all well and dandy still, but i think we need more of a happy medium. xD

  5. Yo Rob. Having worked with each other before, I believe you have a sense what I feel about this subject. You bring up really good points. It’s a shame that the first introduction to EDM tends to be through ‘acts’ that are at the ‘top’ (e.g. UMF) instead of more intimate venues.

    I agree that it seemed as if the DJ art in the past was primarily in elevated/hidden warehouse style of places. However, that may be focusing on one element. DJs also played at smaller venues where s/he were more accessible. However, it was also understood that the DJ is just one of ‘us’, not a diva. And their gift and ability to move a crowd was respected enough not to be interrupted (usually because you were too busy having a great time dancing and/or just being around what was happening) by mindless requests as if you are an iPod. So many newer DJs are hyper-focused on the god-like aspect of our art, not the music, understanding what motivates people to dance, even to music they may not be familiar with at all. Most wannabe DJs would NOT be as humble as David Morales was quoted in the book “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey” saying, “even if I wasn’t working, I’d still keep playing records.”

    I for one feel the same way. It is essential to my being that I play records and to discover new music from across genre spectrum. Most DJs I have met these days are not music lovers. They have a very narrow palate. This further may be polluting the pool of DJs because they do not understand the depth of their gift in being so restricted. DJs, even the old-style radio ones, were first geeks for anything music, NOT ‘personalities’ for your morning or evening drive to and from work. The fact that someone of the caliber of Sneak called out Swedish House Mafia is icing on the proverbial cake.

    I’ll be sharing your article through the channels where I post as well. Thank you for studiously posting your thoughts. You are not alone.

  6. I can appreciate where you’re coming from on this. As Promoters, we’ve noticed a huge rise in the number of Djs coming at us like they’re rockstars. They want grand entrances, have to be elevated where everyone can see them, have ridiculous riders. It’s always disappointing to jump through hoops and sit back and watch them “perform” instead of just playing the music. I remember back in the day you played or got the eff off the decks. Now, it’s all show. We pride ourselves on sifting through to find true talent but occasionally a clown slips in under the radar and we cringe to know that they’ve been associated with our name. We catch a lot of flak for not bringing in insane acts or popular locals that are all show – but we’d rather get dogged for focusing on bringing good music than to book someone useless as a dj just to pack a venue.

    Now, occasionally, like someone mentioned, you’ve got people that amazing to watch play, Carl Cox, Roni Size, ATB, etc. You can see they love what they do, you can see them working those tables and it’s a-freaking-mazing to have the opportunity to see. However, I do agree that there is a line between someone playing music and someone acting like an idiot to compensate for lack of skill. To me a good dj hidden in a booth is like going to watch Yo Yo Ma behind a curtain. It’s fascinating to me to watch a good dj do their job.

    There’s also a difference between “gimmick” and personal style. If someone feels comfortable wearing certain styles I say go for it. I have a buddy that spins in a captains hat, and another that spins in a top hat and smoking jacket but they’d also wear it anywhere because they like it and it suits them both. My husband wears a 1930’s Dobbs hat that belonged to his grandpa – but again, he’d wear it anywhere because he loves that hat. Gimmick [gim-ik] an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal. Synonyms: stunt, plan, ruse, ploy; angle. If you do something for this reason alone – then it’s a gimmick – just play well and the rest will fall into place.

    This is also why we don’t use go-gos at our events. We feel that if you have to have go-gos it’s because your dj isn’t getting the job done. And whats the point of booking someone who isn’t getting the job done.

    There are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, I feel ya man. Good points!

  7. I believe that once upon a time masks weren’t used as a gimmick but actually used for the exact opposite. Hiding their face to try and take to focus of who this DJ is or how they look like or if they are cute and whatnot and just putting focus on the music. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else but it does to me.

    I agree costumes have gotten out of hand and are totally gimmicky. When I picked my Producer/Dj name I didnt’ wanna use my real name so i ended up with MIDI-Chlorian and my logo is a MIDI symbol. Its the most basic logo I could think of to keep focus on the music not who I am.

    Also I enjoy watching dj’s work, I probably would not be djing today if I never got to see the dj at parties. Reason being I would have never learned all the techniques that I know.

  8. Grate comment my friend! Can u imagine a dj playing 6 hour straight set these dayz…?! No individuality, no originality…apart from very few..125BPM from start till the end…Mickymou5 generation…fuckin sadness..

  9. Talk about hit the spot!! Its getting harder and harder to find clubs where the night is just about the music and not about some twat in a hawaiian shirt and a gimp mask pretending to mix! Time to go back underground!!

  10. So…what about Kraftwerk? Back in the early/mid 70’s they had a very distinct “shtick”? Would they be clowns? They weren’t DJs, per se, but they rpesaged nearly all of modern DJ culture (right down to pre-sequenced mixes).

    Dunno, this whole thing smacks of “back in my day, things were better, GET OFF MY LAWN.” I grew up with the 80’s synthpop and 90’s rave scene, and while we remember a lot of the awesome tracks and the great acts, rose-colored nostalgia blocks out a bunch of the one-hit wonders and novelty acts (I look at many of my “DJ Compilations” from the early 90’s and cringe). There were *always* plenty of artists and DJs riding out a shtick, back to early radio disc jockey’s (“Wolfman Jack” springs to mind) – the only difference between then and now is that with Youtube and social media it’s a lot easier to get that shtick noticed by zillions of people.

      • so what? a live act is allowed to look a certain way but a dj cant? what the hell sense does that make? why is it ok for one but forbidden for the other? i just dont see why it matters one way or the other…i personally wouldnt rock a mask or silly costume because thats not MY thing but if the next guy feels comfortable doing so, by all means do YOU…as long as the tunes are good and played well thats all i care about…all this really comes off like the typical cliche older generation hating on the younger generation…

        • well then at that point your a live act.. your acting your not disc jockeying. Basically a really bad live act. Nothing like Rabbit in the Moon.

  11. Does it really matter if people act like clowns on stage? Ultimately people want to be entertained when they go to these kinds of events and as long as they are who cares what other artists or djs do? I find this article to be riddled with hate making the writer look more like a whiny hater or some kind of curmudgeon grumpy old man complaining about these young kids these days or how it was better “in my day!” Grow up. If you want to do things differently then fair enough but the whole dj is God thing hidden from view like an occultic ritual isnt entertaining. People want to see who the artist is. They want to connect with the artist, make eye contact with them, see their facial expressions. After all its human nature to want to connect with each other and that includes the dj/artist that is playing this wonderful music everyone is dancing to. In the EDM scene the music is what is bringing people together and this is a more important goal. Ultimately people want to connect with each other and giving your audience something to connect is what they want. I find this type of opinion the same close minded bullshit of djs saying that only real djs use vinyl and dont use laptops etc when really the only important thing is if it sounds good and not the medium being used. Why dont you start talking about how trance music sucks and how real junglists dont let friends listen to house music or whatever genre war bullshit that went out in the 90’s as well. THANK GOD it did. Djs SHOULD be performers and rock stars on stage. If you haven’t noticed people like that sort of thing because after all your job as the DJ is to entertain people no matter what and if people like having a cake thrown in their face then why not let them have it and eat it too. People liked rock stars being rock stars on stage because they want to see a performance. They want someone that will BRING IT. I feel the same about DJs as well. There are no rules and if everyone abided by yours then the music industry sure would be boring to say the least.

    • By your logic lets just put a jukebox on stage then.. who cares where the music comes from? We can hire some half naked girls a bunch of circus acts to do neat things.. maybe some fire blowers… but by your logic we dont need a DJ then.. just put on a good show. While we’re on the subject can we change the genre too? since no one will be dancing can we stop calling it Electronic DANCE Music?

  12. what this guy is completely missing is that those DJs produce their own music. he seems to be forgetting that… kind of makes the whole article bullshit then.
    i don’t understand why he’s knocking on djs having a fun time. people like this, that are so cynical about dj performances… bother the fuck out of me. get with it- dj performances have CHANGED. it’s not about spinning anymore, it’s all about what the artist produces. that’s what COUNTS isn’t it? THe music that is being created? So fucking what if the creator dresses up in a costume and parties with the crowd… i really don’t understand why this guy has a stick up his ass. he can go back to the 90s.

    • Yeah producers should keep producing great songs… AND STOP PRETENDING TO BE DJS.
      If its about the show lets just put a jukebox on stage cause really who cares at that point right? Just get some monkeys jumping around some half naked girls and guys.. and we got some good EDM then!!? I ever mentioned anything bad about producers. Lets just call them what they are though.. producers produce. DJs.. DJ.

  13. Sure, if your just playing everyone else’s music you don’t deserve any credit. Deadmau5 put it right when he said all DJs are cunts tbh. If you made the music however you should be allowed to perform it. IF you are producing music and want to play it out then fucking perform it. If you are just playing other people’s shit, don’t stand there with your arms open in front of a crowd expecting them to worship you. Itunes doesn’t ask for approval so why should DJs expect it.

  14. Look man I’m a Dj and I hate on no one, so what if he/she wears a mask?, throw a cake, jump around, but guess what????? their on the stage getting paid and love what they do! So what!!!!!! I personally think you are a Dj nerd that rather be hiding behind the booth hoping people dance to your tunes. Stop hating and use your hate effort on thinking about how you can put a show people will remember you by cause if you think playing music is enough in todays time you will be left behind next to the Ipod.

    • focus on the music, your the only one hating… By your logic with the masks and shit.. they wont need you anymore. Just pre program their light shows, mixed cds exclusives, any other fancy gimmick… and then your done. Why do they need a dancing fool who is not even spinning at that point when they can just hire a jukebox?

      Have fun, but focus on the music. Stop hating… all i did was say how i feel about you damn clowns acting a fool. You made your bed you sleep in it.

  15. THANKS FOR WRITING THIS ARTICLE!! I sometimes wonder what I’m doing in this scene when I think about this, but knowing that “what it’s all about” is still out there somewhere. I have been a DJ for a decade, so basically when the focus on the people and the music was turning to whatever hip DJ a promoter could bring in to pull a crowd (which is fine if they are really an artist with their craft). Work on your craft and hone your skills, the last thing we need out there is another clownface with a mask on calling him/herself a DJ.

  16. Dude you could not be more off in your statement. Maybe you just sucked as a DJ, that’s why nobody came to see you in the booth, or you were too chemically enhanced to care about the true soul of the music. in the 90’s most of your big artists were doing Live P.A., or Turntablism style acts. They would either play the music live with instruments and/or midi devices, and Vocalists, which people loved to bunch up close and watch/Dance, or they would showcase turntable skills. Forced into a booth often times Dancers or Fire Spinners or B-Boys were booked to be on stage as well as an MC to keep the crowd hype and a little performance to it. Because lets face it back then if you heard Bad Boy Bill play a track at a show and then heard him again in 6 months it would sound exactly the same. Wasn’t much variation in the musical performances of artists doing DJ Sets.Flash Forward to Today, people use gimmicks because it’s fun, they are enjoying themselves. Yea it’s about the music but it should make you happy, it should make you wanna have fun. There is so much technology out there today that if DJ’s dont start figuring out how to get some performance value outta there act, they are gonna become a thing of the past. Electronic Music is changing, the days of just playing records from the comfort of your booth are gone. It’s time to really learn your craft, It’s time to learn how to produce, How to remix, How to mashup, not gonna sing and dance for your crowd, then incorporate your show into an act, add intelligent lights shows, giant Projector Screens, Led Screens, Laser’s, Sky/Pole/StageDancers, Fire Spinners, Designeed Themes, Live Singers and Rappers and an MC. Learn how to become a Master of Producing, cause nothing gets a crowd more hype than an Anthem that everyone knows, and remembers from back in the day, Expertly Re-Mixed right there on the spot to the tune of the crowd. When you start combining music and remixing it all up into something totally awesome people will love that

    • “There is so much technology out there today that if DJ’s dont start figuring out how to get some performance value outta there act, they are gonna become a thing of the past.”

      In 2003 urb magazine published a grumpy letter that I wrote in response to an article about how “rave” was dead. One quote from the article was: “Who will sit with [rave]’s lonely stump of a DIY ethic when there is no more money to make?”

      I replied: “If you look at the surface, a stump may appear dead… but that’s only because its life takes place underground.. Our roots go deeper than any entrepreneur’s hands could hope to dig. You do a great disservice by implying that we cease to thrive the moment the mainstream ceases to recognize us.”

      Much time has passed, but I haven’t grown to disagree with younger-me. Making your art more palatable for the masses may be the way to money and fame, but there will always be people you can play music for who care about music.

  17. Bamboo, sorry but all this negativity brought from your article makes me sick and all the people responding to this sound like a bunch of complaining loser dousche bags. Again….. Sorry…… but why put down someone for making it? instead of focusing on this think about something to improve your listener base.

    • focus on the music. im not hating im just letting people know what i think. If you act like a clown instead of djing your more of an act. Sorry you think im negative. I find it funny just pointing it out =)

  18. Bc Ppl hire the brand tht has been created,im not gunna lie i do it. but thats why i get hired bc people know what their getting, just not another DJ

  19. Being a DJ who does wear a mask I should take offense to this, but in the same sense I agree. I wear a mask more as a comfort thing when I have to play in front of people so I dont have to show my face but to use it as a simple stage show is dumb. If you take more time to entertain than play the music then you obviously are not taking the time to play. I find myself usually too busy to take more than 30sec away from the decks let alone run around and mess with the crowd. If you do have an image it shouldn’t be taking you away from the music

  20. Seems to be a lot about deadmau5 in these comments. Deadmau5 doesn’t consider himself a DJ, so to call him a DJ is an insult. People want to see these artists perform live, they’re not there just for the music.

    I can agree with the original topic to an extent, but the vast majority of the masses aren’t simply there for the music. If they discovered a lot of the music they claim to listen to before it was popular, they would have passed it off as “not real music”. But because the EDM scene grew so large over the years (take dubstep as the latest example), you have a lot of people hopping the bandwagon and only in it for the shows, and not the music.

    • I’ve already commented that Deadmau5 is not a dj he is a live act. Pre programmed everything. Gimmicky helmet. it’s all good all live acts do what they have to i guess. its an ‘act’ u know?

      • Yes Bamboo. It is an act. You figured it out buddy! That’s how they do it! That’s how smart people took EDM and turned into to something that people actually want, are interested in, and they made it easy for anyone to consume it. Same thing has happened with every other genre of music that has been popular, ever. Which is a lot of them. I’m glad you were able to figure out one of them: hip hop! Good for you bud, you just made some really basic observations about music that has been happening for 40 year

  21. I kind of agree in parts. But if you look back in music history, there’s so many acts who use masks or face painting and has never been judge as a bad thing.
    Alice Cooper, Kiss, Gwar, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Daft Punk. They all had some sort of theatrical thing, like Ozzy as well, with bats, pigs, little chickens, bucket of water, gigantic skulls, flying over stage… every one had made stupid or cool things on stage, due to its moment on music career, vibe on the show, trying to get attention, promoting, innovating or for whatever reason it was. Wu Tang fighting on stage, Mcs beating their Djs down, drama behind the scenes. It always has been there. It’s just a different approach. I don’t agree with that (come on… cake…. really?), but after all, I think the point here is you don’t really like the music. And I don’t judge you for that. It’s your point of view (although I agree with lots of it) If all these Djs with mask were playing on the underground, doing hard techno or something not mainstream, people would think it’s cool, that is have a “concept” behind it, bla bla bla.
    The important thing is the music right? so what’s wrong with the mask if people dances tot he music? What’s the difference if the guy is wearing makeup or not?
    The artist that criticize swedish house mafia and all the others (who happens to be on top right now) are the same ones who lost a lot of gigs, got kicked out of stage because their music wasn’t pleasing the crowd. They don’t make anything good enough to get people to their shows, so they go ahead and criticize whoever is doing well with things like “they’re fake” “there’s no real music there” “just a pretty face” etc etc.
    I’m not taking their side too… I know.. there is a LOT of fakes, a LOT of pretty faces out there that has nothing to do with the music and just the business,but in general, I think whoever is on top right deserve some credits, because I bet they didn’t start Dj last summer or just made their first track.
    This doesn’t mean that the music is good, I know…. but come on… all the examples, people were dancing!!!

    • What you mentioned were live acts. not djs. A live PA is one thing a DJ is another. If your going to act on stage then don’t call yourself a DJ, your just a lame live act at that point. Playing other people’s music. A good dj can stand out from the crowd with what he plays and how he plays it. Focus on the music.

      • there you go again…fitting a dj into an unbreakable mold…i dont understand that POV…what makes you think just because dude has a mask on and a light show that he isnt skilled and rocking the crowd? why cant he be doing everything youre doing and better AND rocking a mask as part of his look? why is that against the rules? and who made these lame rules anyways? what imaginary club are we in that the entire crowd is standing in awe of this legendary masked dj not dancing but admiring his fashion sense only? just stop already…that never happens…

        • ok dude no problem… like i said before its just an opinion. i said im going to laugh because they seem like clowns. Your mad at me because of this? I tried to explain my logic to it. You don’t think this way, then good for you man. It’s just one man’s opinion.

      • like I said, I agree with you in some points 🙂 … but the whole mask thing was the biggest point on my comment.
        Plus, there’s not really any good live Pas since Roni Size and Represent, or Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Morcheeba, etc. So basically, even who plays only their own stuff, is not doing Live PA, but it’s more like a live act. the whole “dj labeling people” is more from the outside than Djs itself. you don’t see Skrillex saying I’M DJ SKRILLEX, or Steve Aoki saying DJ STEVE AOKI on his band page or whatever.
        Jesus… I better stop, everything I’m writing to try and explain myself makes me look like I like those artists I’m naming! ahahah

  22. I just find it hilarious that you use Steve Aoki as an example, and the church metaphor, considering that absolutely godawful Church of Noise track he had a hand in.

  23. I went to my first party/rave in 91 and jumped behind the turntable a couple years later and 17yrs later have had the opportunity to play all over this fine land…I have to say that, although, technology is great it is the reaon you have these “clowns”..when I started, it was two turntables and a mixer (learned on a two channel Radio Shack). Now, you can hit auto sync and go so that is why these people have to do this becuase ANYONE can DJ now and to set yourself apart you need a gimmick.
    More times now I hear “Oh, DJ so and so is coming and he is crazy on stage or throws food or soda or”…nothing about the music. Just tired of these people who hit the sync button and play their pre-mixed sets and throw their hands around.

    • yes exactly! sooner or later the dj wont matter just buy some exclusive mixed cds. great lighting and a good show. some circus performers and your done. ‘AWESOME DJS!’

      • but arent you also utilizing this same technology that makes it possible for these new jacks to get on so easily? if its all about dj purity wheres your 2 technics and a vestax 05 pro? or is it cds and midis and mp3s and serato? its interesting to gladly accept one side of the evolution of the djing craft (technology that makes it easier to dj and takes less skill) while at the same time forbidding any other evolution of the dj (whether it be a look or some theatrics that may add another layer of entertainment for the crowd)…i mean, what part of the game is sync buttons? what happened to diggin for rare vinyl? the artform has been morphed ten times over, either accept the change or get left in the dust and that goes across the board of djing…

        • again it’s about the skills man. I talk to a lot of the newer generation and I aalways tell them this. The dj is an innovator, know your craft, know all the tools in your craft. Be good at what you do, love what you do. I started in the early 90s on CDJs, i heard that im not a dj because this or that… then used turntables for awhile now have a NI Kontrol s2… it’s not about the tools, it’s about the skills involved. Just because THERE IS a sync button on there, i dont use it, i dont like it. DJing at its minimum is about knowing the basics, reading the crowd, playing the right tunes at the right time beat matching out of another dj to keep that vibe going. But if you know how to beat match and want to use a sync button, like richie hawtin for example what doesnt make him a skilled technician at that point?

      • I think Serato and Traktor are great as it allows you to download A TON of tracks to have at your hand. BUT there has not been one show I have played or been where a laptop has crashed or the Serato Box decides not to work and the “DJ’s” stand around like…Ummmmm. At a show where Richie Hawtin had this happen and he was like F it, I have a bag of records..was one of the best sets ever!

  24. I’m not going to reiterate everything I posted up earlier except to say that there are always exceptions to a rule; If everyone points out a few exceptions, it doesn’t invalidate the author’s opinion because, it’s just that – an opinion.

    I find it amusing that so many people seem to be taking this whole thing personally. People keep saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion yet they are attacking the writer for stating his own opinion…… just an observation…..

    • thank you! I already stated im not hating on anyone. I just saw it as these djs are acting a fool and im laughing at them. I think they look like clowns. A really bad live act.. really good live act = Rabbit in the moon… so when compared to a really good act your just a bad clown, giving the rest of us djs a bad name by calling yourself one.

      RITM LIVE!

  25. Really..I love deadmau5 and he wears a mask and I stilll dance just as much weather I can visually see him with mask or I’m just listening to his tracks on my own. Good music is really what it comes down to. And anyone who claims to be a DJ and won’t perform without a mask has a fucking complex. Good music speaks for itself and edc is party people music so really its all natural evolution of the DJ lol its about fun and letting go… .djs aren’t gods they are people that play music for other people to dance to and get fucked up to. <3 why so serious 🙂

  26. I think this is a money issue. Pay close attention to what POP DJs play. They play stuff that is currently being released. They want to make money so that they can live the life of riding in limos. Then listen to what real DJs like Sneak have to say “Fuck the money and fuck the fame”.

    I’ve seen videos of Derrick Carter who still plays old records from the 90’s not because he’s promoting music to sell but because he likes what he plays. As a matter of fact I once saw an interview where Derrick Carter said that one of his first releases on his record label was going to consist of only 300 vinyl cuts and he did not expect to sell all of them. Now how ask yourself how much profit Derrick Carter could have made from this, not much. It’s not about the money but about the influence the music makes. I’m not saying that all new records are all bad and I know that some DJs need to make a living by selling records but where do you draw the line between being a sell-out.

    I think that marketing is really taking a toll on Electronic music. Promoters are starting to do research and really targeting the youth who hardly know anything about good music. They package bundles and sell the scene.

    It’s all about influence and education. People need to do their own research and find out what good music really is. It all comes down to what these big companies are feeding people who have no regard for good productions.

    I took the time to write this in hopes that people open their eyes and actually decide to do something about it because I’m tired of seeing all these POP artists take all the credit where it doesn’t belong. Thanks

  27. “I bring this up because during the 90s, the DJ was more of a GOD. You never saw him, yet everywhere you went he touched you with his music”

    or she 🙁

    anyway, pretty much every city has a tiny dark basement, a loft, a beach, the woods, a mountain, or some other place where talented people are djing / playing live with no spectacle, so i don’t really see the point in focusing on the clowns and discussing them. i think a lot of times people are at those events because they don’t know as much about music or events and don’t know where to find something better. so i’d rather try to introduce them to stuff that’s actually good 😉

  28. hmmmmmm, ya know…i was definitely in favor of this article until i started reading your responses back to comments people are leaving you and gotta say, while i still somewhat agree with the actual article, your (see, grammar isn’t *that hard) attitude would show that you’re pretty jaded and possibly hurt by the fact that these “clowns” are in some way up-staging you. People are responding with some valid points against “your” view and all you can say is, “gee bro, take your mask off and play records”…it’s not a very strong defense against what you’ve already written. I’ve been a dj since 1993 and have seen trends and fads come and go…the gimmicky mask and whatever, yeah, plenty of people are doing it and yes, some of those dj’s are doing it to cover the fact that their dj abilities are lacking, but there are plenty of *other djs AND performers who use that in conjunction with what their doing musically to enhance their performances…but to say that just cause someone wears a mask makes them any less of a dj than, YOU…is ridiculous. Maybe you should up your game and worry about what YOU need to do to be headlining these parties instead of people like bl3nd (who is gawd awful) and maybe look at what these dj’s are doing musically, instead of being one of those guys in the crowd, arms crossed, standing there mad cause someones rocking a mask or suit or balancing a cake on their head or whatever…the point is, you spend too much time looking at the negatives within someones set to actually realize, hey, he’s wearing a funny mask, but wow, he’s actually killing it…not dissing you bro, just saying you should have a little bit better response to people coming back at you with this article other than…
    take your mask off and play records bro.
    ..oh and for the record, wearing a mask doesn’t make people play records better than you…being a better dj is how people play records better than you.
    happy monday to you.

    • I just wrote a post on how i feel. I dont spend that much time on the issue until i decided to respond to these comments. I didn’t feel like i needed to respond with what was already written in some of my comments, in short.. take off the mask and lets get back to the music. Otherwise your just a cheap live act. and happy monday to you too!

      • no doubt bro…not dissing or slamming ya. I believe you have some VERY valid points in the article that become slightly discredited by your responses to others in your post. but thanks for the great monday morning reading…for the most part, you hit the mark.

  29. Hey man i thin this article is well thought out but I have a couple problems with it.

    Have you ever heard of Kraftwerk? They were pioneers of what we call electronic music. Long story short after a couple of albums they tried to make themselves look like robots. By the way they were not Djs just musicians. Their whole idea was to make the music more important by making themselves seem un-relatable so to speak. They wanted to remove themselves from the equation so no one would pay attention to their identity and just listen to the music. Daft Punk does the same thing. Now I know many DJs who do not consider themselves DJs but musical artists. Therefore they want to give an artistic performance. Take BT for example, I hope you have respect for this guy and if not i cant save you. He does not consider himself a DJ and he uses his laptop at live events to do what he calls “laptop symphonies”. He does not think of himself as a DJ and he does not like people giving him that label. There are talented producers that are forced into the world of the DJ and vice versa. If you are just a DJ and you do not produce music/engage in turntablism in this day and age, you just simply suck and aren’t worth a penny artistically. Another thing, it is less about the money today than it has ever been brother. ANOYONE can be an artist, start a label, sell their music. THIS IS THE INDIE REVOLUTION! The problems we have because of that, we are forced to wade through the thousands of shit artists to hear one talented one. So you mischaracterized the situation. Take someone you hate like deadmau5. HE is a complete asshole off stage and he hates to talk to people because he is socially incompetent. He puts on performances because he is a musical artist. His mask is to create an avatar so that everyone does not see the asshole on stage. Him and many other people enjoy doing visual performances for people so the experience is enhanced. Take Amon Tobin for example. His sets are completely pre planned so that his epic stage set follows the music. Is he less of an artist or more at this point? What i am hearing is a cry for help for the old school DJ who has been essentially forgotten. While I dont think that they should be forgotten I do think that this progress is good for dance music.

    • I was starting to agree with your statement at first. I believe that Deadmau5 is a talented producer. However, just because you produce does not mean that you are worth more that a DJ. I know DJs who have amazing talent mixing. Not just beatmatching but using the mixer, they might not know how to produce but give them some turntables and a mixer and they will show you what they can do. Some talents are amazing, they are talents innate that no one else can do. Like basketball, some people can dunk and others can’t. Just like some producers who cannot mix for shit, like Steve Angelo who pulled off that little stunt with a pre-mixed set and go caught on camera. This article is not a cry for the forgotten underground sound. You just don’t get it either.

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  31. I got an idea! Let’s post a pitty party about how everyone else that “jumped on the bandwagon’s” music is getting plays and attention and my music isnt!!! Is that a great idea. You could be the best producer in the entire world but until you do something to set yourself apart from the others that will be noticed by someone publicly that matters, then your still gona be stuck writing articles in the confinements of your own home. The truth is that the generation now a days likes to SEE crazy shit and hear a beat with massive builds and humongous drops! Like it or not, its what has been happening! I hear ya on the whole “where did all the music that meant something go?” but in reality the only thing that has changed is the lack of meaning in the lyrics of music. As far as hip hop, breaks, everything you can think of…It all has changed, and in most ways has become more intricate and sounds awesome to some and shitty to others! But the ENTERTAINERS of today (the DJ’s you speak of with makeup masks whatever) are exactly that. They arent there to put on a dance party anymore. They are asked to Entertain the lazy ass people that bought tickets to your show, because they came to SEE you! I agree with parts of your article and disagree with other parts. The dudes that are up on the stage going ham kill it in the studio! They produce a sound that they like to hear and go from there. Then when they finish that they share it with the world! Then shortly after they perform it with lights gimmicks and everything else that are at these shows! That is how it is working now a days! not my fault, not yours its just the facts! and as far as the music festivals go people dance everywhere at those things so im not really sure what ur point was. The appearance of the DJ is only talked about upon entrance and exit. most DJ’s or Entertainers dont just play 2 songs….They obviously play a set! look at the videos bro, people are dancing everywhere. Moving to the beat! Expressing physically how that sound or beat makes them feel! The dudes on stage are doing there job, and are pretty damn good at it! Although I liked the shows from the 90’s were aren’t in the 90s anymore. Wake up bro smell the shitty air. We dont wake up to smelling the coffee like we did back then, we wake up to go somewhere to get coffee to wake up even more. Things changed bro, jump on the train or keep on with your pity party but either way, YOU are not going to change the minds of the youth on there love for the EDM style that they are living!

  32. I’ve been involved with the house music scene for well over 20 years as a promoter, DJ, producer, writer and first and foremost a music lover.

    And you know what? Music lovers come in all shapes and sizes from all different types of genres. I get that this style of dance music is perhaps too gimmicky for your liking. I get that it’s pop-laden. I get that big industry has came and shat on your beloved parade of the underground.

    But you know how house music was born? Disco. Producers are still stealing/sampling from that genre 30-plus years on. That was the last absolutely huge genre-defining wave and boom of dance music that we’ve had and we have house music and all of the other genres that have spun off of it to thank for it. Even acid house culture in Europe wasn’t that big – and that was big. This wave we’re seeing is bigger than acid house. Just look at all of the artists who have gone dance.

    My point? This is a good thing. I’ve seen so many people rant and rave about how our scene has been hijacked and commercialized. Suck it up buttercup. Keep doing what you do. Maybe one of the 16 year old kids in the crowd at Ultra with Aoki throwing cakes in their face will find less commercial music because they were introduced to it in a more accessible way.

    I was lucky. My introduction was as a 13 year old through Toronto’s largest radio station doing a live-to-air from a club called RPM (now Guvernment). Was that commercial? Sure it was. They were a commercial radio station. Was the music commercial? Sometimes it was.

    Did it help me find out what I really loved? Do I now have Kruse and Nurenburg as one of my favourite producers? Absolutely.

    This wave of dance music is the best thing to happen to electronic music in years. I don’t care if the DJ is bopping around wearing spandex wearing a hockey mask as long as the music is ‘good’ (which in turn is such a broad term). Maybe this stuff isn’t your cup of tea. Frankly, most of it isn’t for me either, but the early 1990s dance music wave got me into more ‘serious’, less commercialized music. That’s not a bad thing.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having an image in the face of so many faceless people. It helps you stand out and it helps you get noticed when everyone and their mum is a DJ. Dance music has been notoriously faceless. I have no problems with people trying to create a face in a faceless world.

    Take this opportunity – because it most certainly is an opportunity – and do something about it. My 9-years-my-junior sister got her introduction to house music through me and me having her work as staff at the parties I threw. Now she loves some of the darkest and most sparse techno that I can’t even stand because of that introduction. Here’s your opportunity to introduce music to a younger generation instead of ranting about it.

  33. “If you are just a DJ and you do not produce music/engage in turntablism in this day and age, you just simply suck and aren’t worth a penny artistically.”

    Electronic music culture is an ecosystem. It’s easier for people to make a living as musicians if people are legally purchasing their music. In 2012, it’s not difficult for even non-technical people to pirate music. DJs are one of the groups of people who will often opt to buy music rather than torrenting it. A low bitrate MP3 sounds awful on a big system, and a lot of DJs still buy vinyl. Regardless of whether you respect DJing as an artform, I think it’s important to recognize that the success of electronic music producers has always been heavily tied to DJs.

    I don’t think you need to ask someone who’s talking about djing at the Palladium if they’ve ever heard of Kraftwerk. In the general sense, the reason you’ve heard of Kraftwerk is DJs. In the 70s, the closest thing people had to the internet in terms of music discovery was pirate radio (and, to a lesser extent, college / public radio). You weren’t gonna flip the knob to a major station and hear weird experimental wordless German music (their first three albums). DJs popularized all kinds of music that record labels would have entirely ignored otherwise.

    That situation hasn’t changed today. There are some people involved in music culture who spend 40+ hours a week seeking out random music by artists they’ve never heard of. Most do not. It takes a really, really long time. The people who still do that are often DJs.

  34. tl;dr version = the mainstream is lamer than before and the mainstream is not underground and hip hop is dead so lets get butthurt.

    The thing is conscious hip hop is better than it ever was. You just have to look overseas most often, instead of that pseudo-conscious corporate garbage Nas is spewing (how can you turn around and do a song with David Banner and then expect to be taken seriously as representing the identity of urban youth?).

    Listen to Lowkey, The Narcicyst, Shadia Mansour, Claxton Press, Omar Offendum….hell, even stick with Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, they are better then they’ve ever been.

  35. 1. Clowns are hired to entertain kids. Maybe that’s what some DJz are good for.

    2. How you can you be sure in a world that’s constantly changing?
    As much as things change they also remain the same.

    3. Law of the jungle. Everyone is a DJ, but only the strong will survive. From there you quickly see that in the big picture this issue is small, but it goes like this: the man wants you vegging out in front of the boob tube then putting the blinders on and producing in the human workforce. The man does not want you to learn how to use music to express yourself because as we can see from all kinds of music that oppressed people create and how powerful it is – Reggae is the example.

    Let natural selection weed out the less talented and let’s keep doing what we do – tastemakers, trendsetters, and music servers.

  36. The beauty of the scene today is that the performers in EDM do not jus have to be a Dj, it is now a “act” or performance. Over the years Society has become more accepting for music performers being more creative in their atire (lady gaga ect). Performers such as daft punk, and deadmau5 pushed the attention grabbing costume game further and inspired others to do so as well. The writer says “We are not a live performance”, but times have changed brother. Most Dj acts in the edm scene now are using oscillators, software synths, and modulators to create music on the fly. The crowd has changed too, shows become sold out not just for the Dj to hide back in some dark corner, Fans are there front row to see their favorite acts face to face. Just with everything this has evolved and the old ways of doing things are simply that.

  37. This isn’t a debate about using the sync button. Which in itself is a debate that shouldn’t be one at all. What you are all failing to realize is that, like hip-hop, people LOVE LOVE LOVE the new era of music…acts like SHM (trash) get love because people genuinely love the music they play. I can’t stand people saying they love house music and when I ask them who’s their favorite they say SHM. Now, in comparison to REAL house yes they are trash DJS, but the scene isn’t like that anymore. BIG names aren’t playing REAL house to the masses anymore. The OGs like Sneak, Ferrer, etc..don’t play music that appeal to the masses. Only to moreso educated music goers. Its about these GOD djs not being able to stay relevant. And on top of that house is not huge anymore….haven’t you noticed things leaning back towards the techno side of things? People want pounding music ESPECIALLY when in a festival environment. Also, you can’t blame everything on gimmicks…when you have top house djs trying to play music that perfect for an intimate club environment at a festival type environment…that doesn’t help. People will say oh shit! Dj Sneak, HOUSE GOD. and go to his stage and groove…but its only a matter of time until they look behind him and say HOLY FUCK SHIT WHAT IS THE MADNESS GOING ON OVER YONDER AND WHAT SONG IS SHAKING THE EVENT GROUNDS? IM GONNA GO SEE. It’s ultimately all about staying relevant…REAL vibin house music doesn’t appeal to the masses…maybe if these dope djs like Dj Sneak and whoever else used gimmicks so that they could attract people to want to come hear them then not only would they see a great SHOW but also hear even better MUSIC. For exmaple, all I read in the initial post and the comments, were basically fuck the show and focus on the music. Well why not be able to put on a better or equal level show and play great music? Then you have event goers saying “his show is fucking legit and the music is ace” instead of “oh yea he’s definitely a legend but (insert gimmicks dj name here)’s show is nuts and play dope ass music.”

    “if you can’t beat em, join ’em and do it better than they could ever imagine.”

    You just have to look at the scene as a whole evolving and if you can’t evolve with it by staying relevant and also staying true to yourself. REGARDLESS if you want to “stay true” to the nature and the original. Its like comparing the super nintendo and Xbox….yes the super nintendo was like the golden age of gaming…but the Xbox is the future.

    I just want to note that this is only in regards to house music. My feelings differ across different genres.

    Oh, and overall I agree with where the scene is and how were losing the battle to gimmicks.

  38. So I get it that DJ’s that have been doing this since back in the day got screwed since they have a specific image on what it is to go to an EDM show. And you may disagree with my opinion, but EDM falls into the Synth-Pop and Industrial Scene just the same. I’ve been through enough phases not because I stop liking a certain thing, but merely because I’m open minded and constantly opening myself to new things. I LOVE music with all my heart, but I also like Theatre, Art, etc. As for being a DJ you shouldn’t get mad at everyone if they end up rocking out. I go back and forth. I like to rock out and dance. Sure I like live performance more since it can involve so much more to you art on stage. If anything you should be mad at followers that come to the show, not the person who came up with a concept. If you come to a EDM show it’s YOUR choice to do what you please. Sure there are tons of DJ’s that put on a stupid act and play crappy music, but there’s way too many aspects to look at when forming an opinion on what’s happened over the years. I give real DJ’s all the respect in the world for their amazing skills and love for the music, but it’s time for everyone to wake up and stop being so closed minded. Get over yourself and your scene. It’s not going to stop because the majority of people suck. Also just because it’s mainstream does not mean it’s bad. That’s plain ignorance. And just to clarify. Electronic DANCE music is called that because you CAN dance to it. Doesn’t mean you HAVE to dance to it. I love dancing and rocking ever since I was young. Music is personal. DJ’ing is your form of art and like I said I do not respect it. You must understand that until the majority of people TRULY become themselves you will always have scenes being ruined in that form. Maybe it’s time to open yourself to new things and understand the human race in a different perspective.

  39. Why do you keep saying Deadmaus is pre-programmed? Do you even know what that means? Just because someone plays out with a laptop does not mean they are simply pushing play with the mouse/trackpad and dancing around for the next 4 minutes. As someone who has been doing live PA since the early 1990s, (initally with a whole truckload of vintage analog gear), i can tell you a true live electronic set is endlessly editable, on the fly, with the option to sound different every single time. Drumbeats/synth lines can be added in live in real time, every single instrument sound can be individually edited, dropped, filtered, parts can be extended, ect.
    A Record is pre-programmed, as in, there is only only way it will ever sound except for eq tweaks and playing another static recording on top of it. i think the DJs who take credit for some one elses killer track, fist pumping through the killer breakdowns and buildups, are the only clowns around here.

  40. ummm whoever that guy that brought up slipknot, rammstein, modestep, and alice cooper…yes that shit isnt that good sorry. buy< dont Kode 9 and SBTRKT wear masks… Daft Punk… i understand what the fuss is… people Like the SHM and Steve Aoki and Dead maw five (lol) are all terrible and give edm a bad name. Who cares tho? there will always be good underground electronic music and there will always be shitty mainstream music.

  41. I’m fine with gimmicks so long as it doesn’t detract from the music. If I’m looking at the DJ/the visuals instead of dancing, that’s fine–in fact, I’m not much of a dancer myself. I appreciate having something interesting to look at when I’m not raging… yet I’m still critical, and expect a good set. Having only been listening to EDM for a couple of years I can’t say I really know what it “used” to be like, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell the difference between quality music/performance and a cheap gimmick. So IMO, if the music/set is good, there’s no reason people should be bothered by masks or lights or anything like that.

  42. lmao. very interesting. you know i haven’t much seen of these acts or gimmics, but i have noticed that its not about being a Disc Jockey anymore its about who puts on the best show, and the show consist of a producer playing his tracks. Im all about a producer playing his tracks(along with others,MIXED,IN A SET) its FUN! lol but i am not about standing there and have a playing a track then another track then another track, I can do this at home, sounds the same coming out of the speakers and the guy,nothing special to see but a regular dude. SO what am i trying to say. FUCK THE KIDS. FUCK YOU 90’s KIDS, why cuz you have single handily destroyed a DJ. I mean the point is TO GO AND DANCE TO HEAR A SET TO FORGET YOUR PROBLEMS, not to be the club rave slut or whore so you can sleep with the DJ. Producing is fun, playing your songs IN A SET is FUN! The DJ is suppose to be one with the group leading them on, not like this dude mentioned, an act. SICK!(in a bad way) I wish I can slap all who said you like acts. YOU want an ACT>? well there is Nikki Minaj for that or Florance and the Machine or some country or rock and roll shit. In other words if you want to be ENTRATINED DO NOT GO TO A CLUB/RAVE/PARTY because some people are actually there to dance talk and enjoy them selfs as long as that DJ is playing SOME FUNKY SHIT!!!!!:) FUCK YOU ALL:) DJDonnieDarko(look out for me:)

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