Putting Instagram photos on to canvas

So there is a new service out called Instacanv.as in which they take your Instagr.am photos and blow it up to high quality canvas prints. I have my own gallery up and I tried to take some cool photos that might be hang worthy… More of a musical style if you will.

They currently have 3 kinds, a canvas, a framed print and a prism. Available in various sizes and prices. I can always use a bit of money so if you like something please purchase it. You can also check out the other amazing photographers who use instagram as a way to express their gift to the world.

Just add to cart choose style and size, and the works of art will be delivered to your doorstep.


My girlfriend also takes a bunch of pictures. way cooler then mine, maybe have a look at her gallery and pick something out from there. She has way many more pictures to choose from, and some, if not most, are simply amazing.

Take a look: instacanv.as/triciadick

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