Prepping your record bag in Traktor with the Midi Fighter 3D (Mapping)

Midi Fighter 3D

Bamboo’s playlist prep tool.

Back before the digital world, right before a gig, I would have to go through my records and fill up my bag with the vinyl I would most likely play depending upon the gig. Fast forward to today, I needed something to quickly go through my tracks from various playlists and add said tracks to a preparation playlist, or, my digital record bag if you will. I created this mapping to work with the midi fighter 3D from DJ Tech Tools. It will be available for free from the DJ Tech Tools mapping database on their site.

This map reduces the time needed to prepare your tracks. It should only be turned on during this time otherwise it will interfere with other maps.

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Import BoxOpen up preferences in Traktor, click on Controller Manager. Click the Add button above the Modifier State and then click on Import and choose the ‘Bamboos-Playlist-Prep3D.tsi’ file. The In-Port and Out-Port should be set to the ‘Midi Fighter 3D’ on ‘Bamboo’s Playlist Prep 3D’. Make sure that the Midi Fighter 3D In-Port/Out-Port is not selected on another map.


Before actually using this prep tool there are a couple of things you must do.

  • (Optional) Open browser (button 1 red), right click on ‘Playlists’ and ‘Create Playlist’
  • Right click on the playlist that you want as your virtual record bag and click on ‘Select as Preparation List’.

It’s a real simple map, designed to save you time when sorting through your tracks. Only uses 1 bank and no modifiers. The blinking red load button overrides the ‘Loading only into stopped deck’ preference in ‘Loading’. The image below should explain everything.

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