The Bamboo FXBox for the Midi Fighter 3D (Mapping)

Bamboo FXBoxSo, without further ado, I can finally present my new mapping for the Midi Fighter 3D. Being the geek that I am, instead of using one of the amazing mappings available on the DJ Tech Tools website, I decided to create something customized to my rig. After much use on the road and at many different gigs I am happy enough to share with the rest of you. The FX are setup to work mainly around the 125-132 BPM range. I haven’t tested them out with any other ranges but with a bit of tweaking you can get it to work for your own sound.

The mapping will be available as soon as the firmware is updated, and will be free on the DJ Tech Tools mapping area of the site.

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Midi Fighter 3D Firmware and SettingsI made some changes to the default firmware and changed all the colors, active and inactive, to black/off.

Import BoxOpen up preferences in Traktor, click on Controller Manager. Click the Add button above the Modifier State and then click on Import and choose the ‘Bamboo-FXBox.tsi’ file. The In-Port and Out-Port should be set to the ‘Midi Fighter 3D’. Make sure that the Midi Fighter 3D In-Port/Out-Port is not selected on another map.

Bank 1
Bamboo FXBox Bank 1

Bank 2
Bamboo FXBox Bank 2

Bank 3 has 3 presets for FX Unit 1. Change the presets by clicking on any of the white buttons on the left (buttons 1-5-9). Each row (2-3-4/6-7-8/10-11-12) represents a knob in FX Unit 1. When pressing one of these buttons, the tilt controls will be activated. The bottom row of buttons (13-16) are to toggle FX Unit 1 on each deck. The bottom row toggles to off when changing presets or banks.

Bank 3a
Bamboo FXBox Bank 3a
Bank 3b
Bamboo FXBox Bank 3b
Bank 3c
Bamboo FXBox Bank 3c

The top row of buttons in Bank 4 changes the FX Unit 2’s effect. When the button is red, the effect is activated but not ready. Pressing the same button again makes the effect ready (green). Once ready, the tilt controls will be active. Turn the effect on by activating a deck. You can tweak the dry/wet and the 3 knobs on the active effect in FX Unit 2.

Bank 4
Bamboo FXBox Bank 4Let me know what you think of the mapping and please like my page on Facebook.

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