My deepest thank you.

This is a Message to all the DJs who have ever played at one of our events. (including live PAs):

I would seriously want to thank you for being there and making the event amazing regardless of the time slot. You made my dreams come true. The vibe, the way the entire day/night melted together because of the perfect synergy amongst all acts. Thank you for being professionals. Thank you, regardless of whatever situation was at hand, we did it for the people. Thank you for understanding that i had a vision and thank you for making that vision come to life.

It’s those people and the people they play for is why i do this. People who truly enjoy the Music. The vibe is all that matters… for that one moment in time we were all one, dancing to the beat of the drum. Thank you all for making it happen over and over for the past 20 years…

-Swing Kids (Like our Facebook page:
This is how we chill from 93′ til – ‪#‎WeKeepYouMovin‬

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