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I'm a guy who does a lot of things with DJs, music, and stuff... full bio or booking info visit: www.agencysounds.com/Roster/Bamboo

The Swing Kids present poolbbq 2012 – August 18th 2012!

So the big buzz going around this weekend is that the Swing Kids are back at it! We the Swing Kids have decided to start throwing events again… other than our weekly Relax Sundays. Last minute planning but much fun to be had.. we’re back with a fun one..

The Swing Kids present our first poolbbq an all ages family friendly event.
A great party with an ALL STAR lineup with an awesome POOL, some yummy BBQ and of course a VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT!!!?! Continue reading

Putting Instagram photos on to canvas

So there is a new service out called Instacanv.as in which they take your Instagr.am photos and blow it up to high quality canvas prints. I have my own gallery up and I tried to take some cool photos that might be hang worthy… More of a musical style if you will.

They currently have 3 kinds, a canvas, a framed print and a prism. Available in various sizes and prices. I can always use a bit of money so if you like something please purchase it. You can also check out the other amazing photographers who use instagram as a way to express their gift to the world. Continue reading

Bamboo mixed by Rob Cifre (Tech House/Techno mix)

Bamboo coverA new tech house mix with a dash of techno, a bit harder then I would normally play at my residency, RelaxSundays.com. Currently these are my universal top 12 tracks. BUY THE MUSIC and SUPPORT all of the amazing artists keeping it real. This is how we do in the 203.

Free downloads to all my FB Fan members. All you have to do is visit my page and click like, after that click on the downloads link to download this and other mixes.

FB Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/deeyjaybamboo
Track list:
1. Ibizia Team (Original Mix) – George Prvatti & Guille Placencia
2. All About Music (Original Mix) – Fabio Ferro & Max Noize
3. Dem Mai Hoes (Original Mix) – Will Monotone
4. Tonkatsu (Original Mix) – Tim Richards & Arjun Vagale
5. Rolling Drums (Original Mix) – Pirupa & Hollen
6. Makaly (Original Mix) – Stefano Noferini
7. Trago (Original Mix) – Florian Gasperini
8. Temple Transfer (Nicole Moudaber Remix) – Mazu
9. Audio One (Original Mix) – Gaspar-T
10. Sin Saber Que Hacer – Mario H
11. Inocencia (Original Mix) – Mendo
12. The Player (Steve Mulder Remix) – Carl Cox


Paris Hilton gets her DJ tour ready, but as long as it’s fun right?

"DJ" Paris Hilton

"DJ" Paris Hilton

This is why I speak up. Sooner then later anyone with a gimmick and no real skills will be a ‘DJ’ and headlining fests. The younger generation with the masks and gimmicks will eventually be taken out by the already big celebrities with more money behind them. Steve Aoki had Little John on the mic. Soon it will be Paris Hilton, Pauly D, Hulk Hogan’s son, Dennis Rodman, Snoop Dogg, Little John headlining EDC, EZ, Ultra?

But as long as it’s fun who cares right? When you don’t care about the music, the industry exploits it. I just hope our music scene don’t go the way of disco.

P.S. I love you Snoop, but please let us vets do our thing.

The clowns in our EDM scene.

I remember in the 90s when hip hop was damn good. When it was about the good life, being fun and energetic like, De La Soul or Tribe Called Quest, or when it was about real life in the streets like NaS, Smif-N-Wessun, Pete Rock… and in like all music you had the clowns, people like Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer etc… But in the golden age of hip hop you would notice that you can name more of the ‘real’ artists then you could clowns.

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Tonight! Wed May 9th Online Interview on DJ__MtP Radio!


So I was interviewed for a radio show, and it will air tonight:

So, today, is Wednesday. Know what that means? Another big installment of Dj__MtP Radio coming your way. Tonight we have Dj__MtP‘s live set from Tripping Out EDM, Rob Bamboo Cifre‘s live mix from Relax Sundays last sunday, DJ-Daysix‘s electro house mix. As an added bonus, tonight we have a brand new promo mix from Steve Killamonjaro dropped live for the first time tonight! Oh and we have a interview with Bamboo. No Big deal really. We start it up at 8 so tune in to your favorite station 🙂


Pretty neat, starts at 8pm EST and you can tune in here: DJ__MtP Online Radio Show on Mixlr

Tits that DJ… I mean Girls who DJ, or how not to get represented by a DJ Booking Agency

Boobies that spin.

As some of you may or may not know, I run a booking agency called Agency Sounds… We represent some of the dopest names in EDM. I get a lot of request to represent a lot of people. Some good and some bad. Some I won’t even look in their directions.. those are the clowns.

Clown DJs are the ones who do it all for show. Who cares if they are beat syncing or pre-programmed the entire set? As long as they are ‘performing’ who cares right? Well let me learn you on something.. YOU ARE NOT A DJ at that point, you are some kind of cut rate live performance.

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Rob Cifre aka Bamboo Live at Relax Sundays 5/6/12

Bamboo Live at Relax Sundays 5/6/12

Bamboo at Relax Sundays 5/6/12 (Photo by @triciadick on instagram)

So a little explanation is in order. I was mixing out of DJ Matt Kinney who was on a vinyl Serato setup and then it fades out a bit quickly near the end, trust me it sounded good live when DJ Dread took over on the vinyl Traktor setup.

I did this with my lovely Traktor Kontrol S2 ‘Bumblebee’ with the S2D2 Mappings – created by the very talented developer, Jiggle. Live at my residency in Stamford, CT:  Relax Sundays
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