Relax Sundays Resident Jeff Gomez New Mix – May 2012!

Check out one of the resident DJs Jeff Gomez from Relax Sundays
New mix fresh for May, made on May Day!… Something to get you through those moments when it’s not Sunday!

Be sure to follow Jeff on his Facebook Fan Page
Downloads coming soon! For now tune in turn up and tune out!
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DIY ‘feedback insulation doohickies’ for the Technic 1200s

Feedback insulation doohickies

8 Feedback insulation doohickies

In this post we will talk about my homemade feedback insulation doohickies. When you place speakers on a table with turntables, usually you will get a nice hum in the speakers. ┬áSometimes you just need to get your monitor speakers close enough to the turntable to get the hum going. So with these neat little doohickies, we have pretty much stopped the hum. It’s not enough to stop them from skipping when the drunk jerks bump the table, but it will at least get rid of the hum.
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